Are you a family who is thinking about Catholic education? Catholic education not only offers EXCELLENCE, it also offers AFFORDABILITY! In addition to scholarships, many of our schools offer EdChoice!
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Many of Stark County's finest athletes got their start at a Holy Cross Catholic School, where they were met with commitment to the skill development needed to excel at the highest level. We are committed to giving every child playing time, personal attention and opportunities for character development. Athletes starting at a Holy Cross school play in a compassionate, faith-centered environment that encourages the best in sportsmanship, allowing them to learn lessons that last a lifetime. 

We Offer a Variety of Athletic Options 

Fall Sports:  

Winter Sports:

  • Girls and Boys Basketball: 1-8th Grade

  • Boys Wrestling: K-6th Grade 

Spring Sports:    

Summer Sports: 


Contact Information: 

For athletic questions or to find out athletic options at each school, please contact Rod Baca, our Athletic Coordinator, via email: or feel free to contact our office with any questions: 330-526-8366.