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 Our goal is to educate the individual and to build a community, enabling every student of Holy Cross Academy to be motivated and succeed academically, athletically, and spiritually.

 We Offer Families a Variety of Athletic Options:

Basketball for Girls & Boys: 1st - 8th Grade
Cheerleading for Girls: 3rd - 8th Grade
Cross Country for Girls & Boys: 7th & 8th Grade
Flag Football for Boys: 1st - 4th Grade
Tackle Football for Boys: 3rd - 8th Grade
Golf for Girls & Boys: 5th - 8th Grade
Lacrosse for Girls & Boys: 1st - 8th Grade
Soccer for Girls & Boys: K - 3rd Grade
Track for Girls & Boys: 3rd - 8th Grade
Volleyball for Girls: 3rd - 8th Grade
Wrestling: K - 6th Grade


A Note About Athletics from our President, Msgr. Lew Gaetano

It is my expectation that our athletic programs at Holy Cross Academy Catholic Schools will provide a vital and significant part of the overall student and family experience that is Holy Cross. Each campus within the Academy offers our students the opportunity to compete and achieve within an environment that instills confident in self, team-building skills, personal pride and achievement.

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For athletic questions or to find out atlehtic options at each school, please contact Jonathan Stump, our Athletic Coordinator, via email: or feel free to contact our office with any questions: 330-526-8366.