Schools of Choice Boost Civic Values (Education Next, 2007)

Support for EdChoice (The Friedman Foundation, 2014) 


“Catholic schools have shown unparalleled success in educating children, promoting a lifelong commitment to faith and virtue, and encouraging civic engagement. While government leaders look frantically for programs and initiatives to improve education in America, Catholic schools maintain their track record of serving children and families admirably well, closing the achievement gap for poor and minority students, and doing so at a fraction of the cost of public schools.” (University of Notre Dame, ACE Advocates, 2014)



EdChoice and EdChoice Expansion Scholarship



Students enrolled & attending EdChoice public schools designated by the Ohio Department of Education are eligible for scholarships. Families at qualifying income levels are eligible for Expansion Scholarships in grades Kindergarten, First & Second. Scholarships for up to $4,650 for children attending public schools designated by the State of Ohio.

Stark County Designated Schools: Allen Elementary, Barbara F Schreiber Elementary, Belden Elementary, Canton City Digital, Cedar Elementary, Choices Alternative, Crenshaw Middle, Dueber Elementary, Fairmount Elementary, Gibbs Elementary, Hartford Middle & Youtz Elementary


EdChoice Expansion

Income based scholarships for up to $4,650 for children. Scholarships can be used for children entering Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade in the 2015-2016 school year. Students are eligible to maintain their scholarship through high school as long as they meet the requirements for renewal. To be eligible to apply the first time, the total household income must be at or below these incomes:

Number in Household Gross Annual Income Amount
1 $23,540
2 $31,860
3 $40,180
4 $48,500
5 $56,820
6 $65,140
7 $73,460
8 $81,780
For each additional person add: $8,320



Find out if you're eligible for financial aid through the EdChoice Scholarship Program